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The Stone Aisle

Responsive Shopify Website Design | Developement

Achieved a significant increase in monthly revenue, garnered 180+ positive product reviews, reached a 91% webpage speed, attracted 1500+ daily visits, and boosted sales to over 6000 SKUs through strategic UX/UI and branding efforts.


March 2023 - May 2024

My Role

Strategy, UX & Web Designer


Ecommerce Website 

Services Provided

Market Research, Launch Strategy, Branding, Shopify Website Design | Setup,  CMS Management, Animations & Video Editing

Tech Stack


Stone Aisle is transforming from a traditional local imitation jewelry shop into a luxury e-commerce brand. This change is motivated by the desire to use existing manufacturing resources to meet a growing demand that goes beyond local customers, using tools like WhatsApp and direct referrals. The main goal is to establish a strong online presence that ensures a smooth customer experience and efficient backend operations.

My Role

As the Lead UX & Web Designer, I collaborated closely with the CEO, two graphic design interns, one developer, and a performance marketer. I was responsible for designing the Ecommerce website and developing strategies to enhance brand awareness.


Digital Presence

Initially, the brand had no online footprint, a critical component for reaching a broader audience and enabling e-commerce operations.

Brand Awareness and Trust

Entering the e-commerce sphere as a newcomer posed the challenge of establishing brand recognition and trust among potential customers.

Need for a Digital Solution

A comprehensive suite of digital services was essential, including branding, web design and development, and marketing strategies, all while catering to users with limited tech expertise.

Time Constraints

Launch in 1.8 months for optimal results.

Defining The Problem


Branding and Design
A luxury brand identity was crafted, complete with brand guidelines and sophisticated visual design to ensure a premium online presence.
User Experience
A fluid customer journey was designed through UX research, prioritizing ease of use and engagement.
E-commerce Platform
Shopify was chosen for its user-friendly features and third-party plugins, facilitating the creation of a robust e-commerce store.
Digital Marketing
Strategies such as on-page SEO and high-quality product photography were employed to enhance online visibility and attract the intended audience.

Design Process

    • Started with thorough market research and segmented the audience.

    • Analyzed competitors to gauge their strengths and weaknesses.

    • Established a clear brand identity.

    • Configured the Content Management System (CMS) for Shopify.

    • Designed the user experience (UX) and visuals for the website.

    • Implemented third-party marketing plugins on Shopify to improve conversion rates.

    • Worked closely with developers to enhance the website's performance.

    • Conducted internal user testing to ensure functionality and ease of use.

    • Launched the website, complete with on-page SEO to boost visibility.

    • Collected feedback from users post-launch.

    • Made iterative improvements based on the feedback and ongoing performance analysis.


Hooray, we launched the new responsive ecommerce store on 10th July! To respect confidentiality, specific metric values have been omitted.

After launching, we received over 180 positive customer reviews on the store, averaging 4.5 stars within the first 2-3 months.

Achieved a 91% score on Google's site speed and experience test, with loading times between 1.4 and 1.6 seconds.

Noticed daily visitor counts varying between 400 and 1000.

Sold over 6000 SKUs, thanks to effective performance marketing and a competitive pricing strategy.

Research and Insights

Business Scope - What is The Stone Aisle
A D2C imitation jewellery business that manufactures & purchases fashion accessories wholesale and sells directly to customers (retail), primarily via an independent e-commerce website

Mission Statement
To adorn you every day with our affordable modern-day jewellery and fashion accessories.

Vision Statement
To create an affordable fashion luxury brand that complements people’s day-to-day outfits.

User Persona

Developed user personas to better understand the end users and buyers.

The Indian costume jewelry market was valued at USD 1.71 billion crores in 2019 and is projected to grow to USD 1.93 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 7.0% during 2019-2027
Data From Internet

Target Audience - Who uses it? Who buys it?
Primary customers include women 18+ and men 21+. The top spenders are working/married individuals 25+, purchasing for themselves, partners, and daughters.

User Journey Map

Created user journey map to understand our persona's path from awareness to purchase.

Value Proposition

Developed a Value Proposition Canvas to identify user pain points and potential solutions to alleviate them.

Competitive Analysis

Performed competitor analysis to gain insights into our competitors' strategies and identify actionable improvements for our own approach.

Brand Identity

Final Result

Here's the complete UI revamp, aimed at enhancing both the overall user experience and visual aesthetics.

Information Architechture

Designed the information architecture to enhance navigation and improve user experience.

Design and Development

  • Brand Identity

  • Responsive Ecommerce Website, Comprehensive payment Gateway, 3rd Party Plugin Installation, CMS Setup

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