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Climate Guardian

Multiligual Responsive Website Design & Development | Augmented Reality Poster

Achieving 78% Increase in Visitor Traffic and 400% Growth in User Engagement Through Strategic Design & Development


March 2024 - April 2024

My Role

UX & Web Designer


Responsive Website 

Services Provided

Responsive Web Design, Visual Design, Augmented Reality Scannable Posters

Tech Stack


Climate Guardian is a startup based in Berlin, Germany, that enables users to quickly take action on climate change. Users can raise appeals for climate issues, and Climate Guardian will communicate these appeals to decision-makers. The company is undergoing a complete redesign of its website, which was originally built on Wix. As Climate Guardian's branding and messaging have evolved, the old website no longer suits their current identity or objectives. The new design will reflect the startup's dynamic and progressive approach.

My Role

As the UX & Web Designer for this project, my responsibilities included researching to understand the business and user needs, transitioning the current website from WIX to WIX Studio, and designing a user-friendly, multilingual website in English and German. I also crafted the visual design of the site. Additionally, I developed an augmented reality poster for one of their campaigns, which provided a more interactive experience and effectively increased brand awareness.


Users often feel overwhelmed and unable to effectively engage in climate action due to the current website's lack of guidance and simplicity. There is a critical need for a more informative and empowering platform that also builds trust and encourages decisive actions. Furthermore, the website's design is outdated, cluttered, and unresponsive, with insufficient contact options for NGOs and corporate sponsors.

Problems Identified:

  • Users feel overwhelmed and helpless about taking climate action.

  • Ineffective guidance and simplification of engagement processes.

  • Lack of a platform that informs, empowers, and builds trust.

  • Absence of clear communication channels for NGO & Corporate partnerships.

  • Cluttered, outdated, and unresponsive design.

Defining The Problem


The redesign focused on improving key aspects of the website to enhance user experience and operational efficiency 

  • Transform the Climate Guardians website into an intuitive, engaging, and user-centric platform.

  • Effectively communicate the brand’s mission.

  • Optimize user flow and incorporate community elements.

  • Attract and retain a vibrant community of climate-conscious individuals.

  • Increase user participation in campaigns.

  • Increase User retention on mobile devices.

  • Boost newsletter sign-ups.

  • Enhance collaboration opportunities with NGO and corporate partners.

  • Creating augmented reality poster for one of their campaign to increase brand awareness and engagement.


  • Meeting tight deadlines

  • Overcoming the language barrier, especially with understanding German as a non-native speaker.


Hooray, we launched the new responsive website on 2nd April 2024! For confidentiality reasons I have omitted the actual values for these metrics.

After the launch, we experienced a significant increase in both new and returning visitors, thanks to proactive marketing efforts by Climate Guardian.

Significant rise in users engaging with the "Take Action" button on the homepage.

Significant increase in users filling out forms to subscribe to Climate Guardian and expressing interest in future collaborations.

Research and Insights

Audience Analysis:
Primary audiences identified were students aged 18-30 and working millennials aged 25-40, mostly female, encompassing both Germans and international residents. These groups are particularly receptive to digital campaigns and responsive to interactive content, which guided the design and functional priorities for the website.

Competitor Analysis:
Direct competitors like Chilli and Snowball target similar demographics but with different approaches. Climate Guardians’ unique proposition lies in offering a blend of local and global campaign opportunities, which was underrepresented in the current website. The redesign aimed to highlight this differentiation through enhanced features and user engagement strategies. Dowload In Depth Competitor Analysis Here

Design Solutions

After collecting insights from stakeholder interviews, I developed solutions within time constraints to improve the overall experience. I began by establishing the information architecture and user flow for both action takers and corporate sponsors, then proceeded with the design and development of the final responsive website.

Information Architecture & User Flows

Developed information architecture and user/task flows for seamless navigation across the website.

Site Navigation - Architechture

Take Action (Campaigns) - User Flow


We implemented the new brand identity and guidelines to ensure consistent branding across the website. We incorporated illustrations and iconography to create an engaging yet minimalist design. To boost trust and brand awareness, we included sections such as testimonials from active users, FAQs, a step-by-step action guide, and multilingual options to better communicate with the local audience.

I also utilized AI tools like ChatGPT-4 for crafting website copy that aligns with the brand’s mission and vision, ensuring it resonates with our target audience.

New Brand Identity

Final Result

Here's the complete UI revamp, aimed at enhancing both the overall user experience and visual aesthetics.

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Partners Flow (Become a Partner) - User Flow

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