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Spectrum Kenya

Responsive Website Design | Developement

Designed a fully responsive website, boosting client bookings by 30% and increasing traffic by 80%.


September 2023 - October 2023

My Role

Web Designer


Responsive Website 

Services Provided

Wix Studio Responsive Website

Tech Stack


Spectrum Psychology, a psychology clinic located in Kenya and owned by Safeena Nazar, a UK-licensed clinical psychologist, sought to redesign their website. The need for this redesign stemmed from the previous website's lack of user-friendliness and its failure to be optimized for mobile devices.

My Role

As a Web Designer and Developer, I built the Spectrum Psychology website from the ground up using Wix Studio. I focused on enhancing the visual design and user experience.


  • The previous website was cluttered.

  • The copyright content was not properly managed.

  • Navigation on the site was confusing.

  • The site was not optimized for mobile devices.

Defining The Problem


The redesign focused on improving key aspects of the website to enhance user experience

  • Develop a durable website using Wix Studio.

  • Ensure the website's design is consistent with the brand identity.

  • Construct a website that is optimized for mobile devices.


Hooray, we launched the new responsive website In October 2023! 

We saw a 30% rise in new client bookings within the first two months of launch.

We saw an 80% increase in traffic.

Design Solutions

Following Safeena's guidance on the target audience, objectives, visual design, content, and constraints, I immediately began designing and developing the website, mindful of the time limitations.

Final Result

Here's the complete UI revamp, aimed at enhancing both the overall user experience and visual aesthetics.

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Danish Qamar

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