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Danish Qamar

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Target User Personas

I interviewed a few dog lovers friends to understand the kind of audience. Furthermore, I analyzed the loyal users of the competitors to create an initial broad understanding of the personas I may be focusing on.  
Then I recruited 3 people among my network which suit the persona profiles. I scheduled a short call/chat with each one of them to get a basic understanding about their behavior before usability testing at  a later stage
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Pet Pow

Responsive Web Design Dog Adoption From Nearby Shelter

Designed By : Danish Qamar

Understanding The User

  • User Research

  • Personas

  • Problem Statements

  • User Journey Maps

  • Competitive Analysis

  • User Flow

Problem Statement & Hypothesis

Adam is a Busy Student & a Dog  Lover who needs an To adopt a dog from a nearby animal shelter because He wants a new friend with whom he can spend time after school

​If Adam can check about the shelter authorization then he can visit the dog as soon as possible
Liela is a Busy Housewife & a Dog  Lover who needs To adopt a dog from a nearby animal shelter because Dogs from animal shelter are mostly home trained

If Liela can get detailed information about the dog's medical history then she can decide quickly to adopt a dog

User Journey Map

Persona : Leila
Goal : Adopt Dog From Nearby Shelter That Suits her Family Lifestyle

Designing Daisy's Users Journey Revealed how helpful it would be to have a dedicated place for adopting dog 

To empathize with the users, I also a created empathy maps and user journey map to dig deeper into each stage that our personas go through while browsing for dogs to adopt from nearby shelter

Site Map

After exploratory and market research, I had gotten a fair understanding of the primary Site Map for The Dog Adoption Website. User flow allowed me to see the complete app experience at a holistic level. Furthermore, this flowchart helped me make a checklist of all the pages to be designed

Starting The Design

  • Digital Wireframes

  • Low Fidelity Prototype

  • Usability Studies

Digital Wireframes.jpg

Digital Wireframes

Lo-Fidelity Prototype

Lo Fi Prototype.jpg

Refining the Design

  • Mockups

  • Hi Fidelity Prototype

  • Accessibility

Final UI Design Mockup

Final High Fidelity Prototype

Check Full App Prototype in Figma here

User Jorney Map.jpg


User Research Summary

I chose a simplistic Lean UX approach to my project. I constantly pivoted my design based on the feedback from relevant users and experts at the earliest. I performed foundational user research (Surveys & Interviews) to understand more about the personas that is the target audience of the App.

Project Overview

The Product :  Adopt Dogs From Nearby Shelter

Duration : 2 Weeks

Problem : The target users face difficulty in finding dogs that can match their lifestyle to adopt from nearby shelter.

Goal :  My goal was to design a Responsive Website that is simple for all users and allows users to easily find and Meet Dogs to adopt from nearby shelter.

My Role :  Lead UX Researcher , UX Designer , Branding & Visual Design

My Responsibilities :  User research, wire-framing, prototype, usability testing, iteration, and the creation of the final high-fidelity prototype.

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