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Danish Qamar


Kickoff Meeting

I'll get to know you and your Requirements and understand the market in which you operate. We'll set goals & objectives for our shared process. we will brainstorm and strategize.


Strategy & Visual Research

I’ll put together a mood board according to the company’s prominent advantages and messages.



I’ll design a logo, choose fonts and colors, create icons and create unique illustrations that will turn you into a brand.


100% marketing Assets.

After deciding on the building blocks that make up your unique visual language, I’ll implement the language and broaden it to fit whatever asset you choose: presentations, email signatures, shirts, cups, ads, landing pages, etc. - the sky’s the limit.



My branding moves. Movement helps draw the audience in, it’s enticing and it increases the volume of your story. At this stage, I create Lottie Animation , Gif , Micro Interaction , Motion Graphics , Video Editing


How Does It Work?

I Will create a unique visual language that represents the values of your brand, so it shines and demands attention. Branding in motion is the best way to convey messages, attract customers and excite the audience. My process helps your company refine its messages and convey them creatively. 

Have Questions?

I’ve got answers :)
If you can’t find what you're looking for, feel free to get in touch!

Logo Design

A great logo is distinctive, practical, graphic and simple in form. Most of all: it conveys the company values and message. The logo is the first and last thing your potential customers see - it should have a lasting effect.

Animated Logo

Animated logos can help create a greater connection with your target audience and convey a layered message.

Illustration & Icons

Custom icons can be used for almost any branding project: from logo design to buttons to infographics. Icons are the most basic visual communicators and ensure your audience reads and engages with your content. Also, they're just pure fun.


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