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Responsive Web Design and Visual Branding for a World-renowned Steel Roll Manufacturer/Exporter.

bharat roll web design cover


The primary goal was to establish a strong online brand for the client, a top-tier steel roll manufacturer and exporter, by creating a responsive web design and incorporating impactful visual branding.

My Role

UX Design, Website Design & Developement, Video Content Design


1 UX & Web Designer / Developer

1 3D Designer

2 Videographers

1 Video Editor


700 Hours 

My Tech Stack

editor x

Editor X

For Website Design & Development



For Graphics Design & Photo Editing

filmora pro


For Video/Visual Editing

Web Development Platform

The responsive website was designed and developed from scratch using Editor X, an advanced web design and development platform that combines design flexibility with almost no code.


design process - research



Tto understand audience & business needs and goals.

design process - web design


Web Design & Development

Design and develop website on Editor X 

design process - testing


User Testing

gather feedback from client after testing

design process - iteration



Refine prototype and iterate for improvement

design process - launch




Research - Project Initialization

To gain a profound understanding of the business and user requirements, extensive competitive analysis and client interviews were carried out. This preliminary research provided valuable insights into the client's industry and target audience, which helped inform the design and content strategies.

Visual Content Production

A video team was mobilized to capture footage of the client's factory and steel roll manufacturing processes. These visuals were then skillfully edited to portray the company's workflow, production standards, and commitment to quality. The resultant video content was designed to engage website visitors and offer a unique inside look into the company's operations.



final responsive ui on editor x cover
responsive web layout bharat roll

Responsive Web Design Implementation

Leveraging the capabilities of Editor X, the website was built to be responsive, ensuring it displays correctly across different devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones. This ensured an optimal user experience, regardless of the device used to access the website.

competitive analysis for web design bharat roll


The end product was a robust, interactive, and visually striking responsive website that established a significant online presence for the client. The successful collaboration between different specialists, the application of Editor X's advanced capabilities, and the strategic use of visual content resulted in a website that truly embodied the client's brand and met the user's needs. This case showcases the power of responsive web design and effective visual branding in strengthening an online brand.


information architecture or sitemap


  • End-to-End Project Leadership: Being entrusted with the full responsibility of the project provided a profound understanding of the many facets involved in developing a strong online brand. It presented an opportunity to not only conceive and design the project but also oversee its execution, which proved to be a valuable learning experience in project management and leadership.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork: The project underscored the importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration. Working in tandem with videographers, editors, and 3D designers brought forward a diversity of ideas and skills, enriching the overall project outcome. It was essential to maintain open communication and a clear vision to ensure seamless collaboration.

  • Strategic Visual Branding: It was crucial to learn how strategic visual branding, in the form of on-ground videos and 3D product models, can significantly enhance the user experience on a website. Crafting the right visual message is key to engaging the audience and reinforcing brand image.

  • Importance of Research: The project reiterated the importance of thorough initial research, such as competitive analysis and client interviews. These steps helped to deeply understand the business and user requirements, enabling the creation of a design and content strategy that truly resonates with the target audience.

  • Responsiveness and User Experience: One of the critical learnings was the need for responsiveness in web design. Ensuring the website displays correctly on various devices is paramount to providing an optimal user experience, retaining visitors, and building brand credibility.

  • Leveraging Advanced Web Design Tools: Utilizing Editor X, an advanced web design platform, was a learning curve that showcased the importance of staying up-to-date with current technologies in web design. It offered design flexibility and code security, reinforcing the significance of using effective tools in web development.

final responsive and mobile friendly website for bharat roll cover


3D Product Designs

3D Designer was brought onboard to create custom 3D product models of the steel rolls. These 3D models were incorporated into the website to provide visitors with a detailed view of the products, enhancing user interaction and experience.

3d product design for steel products
steel image

Website Launch and Feedback

Post-launch, the website received a positive response from the client, confirming satisfaction with the visual branding and web design. The use of the on-ground video and 3D models significantly enhanced the website's user experience, contributing to the overall success of the project.

product catalogue ui
global and domestic clients ui
bharat roll mobile ui website
contact thumbnail

Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse

In the face of daunting challenges, such as scorching factory temperatures and a complex drone shoot amid obstacles, our team persevered. The unwavering dedication of our video crew, coupled with the commendable support and hospitality of the Bharat Roll team, allowed us to successfully complete the shoot on time. This project showcased the incredible power of teamwork, adaptability, and resilience when overcoming adversities.

behind the scene for hero banner for the website

Reference For 3D Design

In designing all the 3D product photos, we adhered closely to the reference images provided by the client. Our goal was to replicate the original product as accurately as possible.

images for reference for 3d designs
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