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Danish Qamar

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After Party

Ticketing App For Night Clubs & Pubs Nearby

Designed By : Danish Qamar

Project Overview

The Product : 

Browse events and book tickets from night clubs / pubs nearby


Duration : 

4 Weeks


Problem : 

The target users face difficulty in finding and booking cover charges , beverage's and tables for nearby clubs or pubs. They feel disappointed with the fact that it takes hours of research to find affordable Events , Tickets , tables & beverage's of their choice near them to enjoy with friends over the weekend.

Goal : My goal was to design an app that is simple for all users and allows users to easily find and book Tickets , Cover Charges , beverages or Tables from nearby Night Clubs or Pubs

My Role : 

Lead UX Researcher , UX Designer , Branding & Visual Design

My Responsibilities : 

User research, wire-framing, prototype, usability testing, iteration, and the creation of the final high-fidelity prototype.

Target User Personas

I interviewed a few regular club goers friends to understand the kind of audience. Furthermore, I analyzed the loyal users of the competitors to create an initial broad understanding of the personas I may be focusing on.  
Then I recruited 5 people among my network which suit the persona profiles. I scheduled a short call/chat with each one of them to get a basic understanding about their behavior before usability testing at  a later stage
Person 2.jpg
Person 1.jpg

Problem Statement & Hypothesis

Alex is a music label manager who needs an easy app to book cover charges or tickets from nearby night clubs or pubs because he likes to party on the weekends with friends.

​If Alex can avail early bird discount on the app then he can save some money for Food & beverages
Daisy is a Professional Model who needs to Pre book Tables and F&B from nearby night clubs or pubs because she likes to party on the weekends with her collegues & friends.

If Daisy can get detailed information about the upcoming events on the app then she can plan her weekends quickly

User Journey Map

To empathize with the users, I also a created empathy maps and user journey map to dig deeper into each stage that our personas go through while booking tickets from a Night Club or Pub Nearby. 

Persona : Daisy
Goal : Book Tickets or Tables fast & Easy

Designing Daisy's Users Journey Revealed how helpfull it would be to have a dedicated booking app for nearby clubs and pubs.

Page 7 User Journey Map.jpg

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis General Info.jpg
Competitive Analysis Ux.jpg

User Flow Of Ticketing

After exploratory and market research, I had gotten a fair understanding of the primary user flows for After Party app. User flow allowed me to see the complete app experience at a holistic level. Furthermore, this flowchart helped me make a checklist of all the pages to be designed

(Represented by Rectangle Shapes)


User Flow.jpg
Lo fi prototype.jpg

Lo-Fidelity Prototype

Usability Testing Plan

To test the low-fidelity prototype with real users I planned a usability testing session With 5 Participants. 
See the full Usability Testing Report here. 
Usability test plan.jpg

Affinity Mapping to categorize observations

I divided the observations from usability testing sessions among these categories

Pattern & Insight Recognition in Research Observations

Here are the insights I found in usability testing :

  • Not Intuitive to add tickets

  • People Wanted more detail about upcoming events

  • People Wanted map view for table booking

  • People Wanted more description for upcoming events

Pattern Observation.jpg
Affinity Mapping.jpg

Refining the Design

  • Mockups

  • Hi Fidelity Prototype

  • Accessibility

Final UI Design Mockup

Final Mockup 1.jpg
Final Mockup 2.jpg

Final High Fidelity Prototype

Check Full App Prototype in Figma here

User Research Summary

I chose a simplistic Lean UX approach to my project. I constantly pivoted my design based on the feedback from relevant users and experts at the earliest. I performed foundational user research (Surveys & Interviews) to understand more about the personas that is the target audience of the App.

Understanding The User

  • User Research

  • Personas

  • Problem Statements

  • User Journey Maps

  • Competitive Analysis

  • User Flow

Starting The Design

  • Paper Wireframes

  • Digital Wireframes

  • Low Fidelity Prototype

  • Usability Studies

Digital Wireframes.jpg

Digital Wireframes


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